Take a load off your feet and seize a relaxing respite at Monarch Mountain at the Crest! Enjoy a burger and a beer or milk-shake, hang out on the couch for a bit, or reorganize your pack in our Hikers’ Room. We accept thru-hiker resupply boxes at no charge – just follow the instructions below (otherwise, there will be a charge!). Supply items are also available for purchase.


We accept thru-hiker resupply boxes between May 1, 2023 and October 1, 2023. Please follow these shipping instructions:

Packages MUST be shipped via UPS (United Parcel Service) or FedEx (Federal Express) only. DO NOT use USPS (United States Postal Service) to ship boxes!

USPS does not deliver to our location. We will charge you $25 for a USPS shipment and it will take longer to arrive.

Boxes cannot contain propane, butane nor liquid fuel.

Include your return mailing address on the outside of the box. Address the package in the following manner:

Monarch at the Crest – Resupply
Attn: (First and Last Name of the hiker)(Phone Number) (ETA of hiker)
24500 US Hwy 50
Salida, CO 81201

For 2023 there is no fee to receive and hold resupply boxes sent using UPS or FedEx; USPS shipments will incur a $25 fee. We cannot “bounce” or forward a package along the trail for you.

Expect your package to take a minimum of 7 business days to arrive. If for any reason you do not make it to pick up your box, contact us for return shipping policies.



Runs M-F from Salida to the Monarch Crest with a stop at Fooses Creek. Leaves from Salida Aquatics Center at 7:30 a.m. and leaves from Monarch Crest at 10:30 a.m. to return to Salida.

Reserve your seat on-line at or use QR code below. Applicable charges as noted on website.

Hiker Shuttle QR code

A few important things:

  • Please reserve prior to 5pm the day before if possible
  • On reservations from be sure to put HIKER in the notes space
  • After completing reservation, contact the shuttle office for shuttle pick up info
  • Reservation for 8am actually leaves aquatic center at 7:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m. reservation leaves Monarch at 10:30 a.m.

Sorry – no dogs allowed

Salida Aquatic Center address is: 410 W. Rainbow Blvd

If you need transport to pickup location a great resource is Chaffee County Shuttle that runs in town – free service – call to schedule pickup at 719-530-8980.

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